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Museum Of Illusions Is Coming To Miami This December

You won't be able to trust your eyes in the new attraction coming to Miami this winter. A Museum of Illusions will land in the city soon and it will skew what you thought was reality. 

The 3D exhibits will leave your mouth wide open and you surely will not be able to contain your laughter. But the best of all will be the amazing photo-ops you'll have for your IG. 

The Museum of Illusions is coming to Miami in December and it will be a true Instagrammer's heaven. Created with the public in mind, the museum offers a unique, totally interactive experience. They will play with your mind by changing your perception of the size and location of things, so you will suddenly see yourself in the middle of strange places and unexpected situations.

Ready for the fun? Here you will experience how it feels to be upside down in a room, climb into the trunk of an elephant or be inside the jaws of a crocodile. Or maybe you prefer to "float" on the door Rose use to survive the wreck of the Titanic? Either way, you'll be speechless when you go through each room of the museum.

Although many museums advise against the use of flash for photos (or they just forbid it), here it is recommended. The experience is not complete if you do not take photos of each area and in various poses. If you have no experience, the staff can help you take advantage of the spaces to achieve the best illusion and get the pic with more hearts on your social feed.

This museum will be open in Miami Beach on December, 20 but we recommend you buy your pre-sale ticket so you can take advantage of the 25% discount they are offering until November 10 (it is worth it).

The exhibitions have had great success in San Francisco and Los Angeles, which is why the museum is bringing the fantasy to the East Coast.

This is an adventure meant for the whole family, and truth be told since it's an interactive experience, you may enjoy it more if you go with the whole crew. So take your family, friends or at least bae to create the most fun situations and take the funnier photos.

Museum of Illusions

Price: Admission is $20 for adults (pre-sale special price until November 10th). Check other ticket options here

When: December 20

Address: 536 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida

Why You Need To Go: Get lost and have fun in the interactive 3D rooms of this incredible museum while you take the greatest pics for your social media accounts.

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