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New Season Of The Bachelorette Has Two Miami Men Going Head To Head For Clare's Heart

The latest season of The Bachelor has officially come to an end, and the competition for Barb’s approval — I mean, a lifetime with Peter — has been called “case-closed.” But now that we know how Pete feels about Madison (and how his whole family feels about Madison!), the battle of the hearts may seem like it’s over too. Not so fast. Clare Crawley’s new season of The Bachelorette is about to start filming this weekend, and y’all can stay tuned to see two Miami boys face-off in an epic battle to the final proposal.

Floridians cannot miss this, because the internet is already loving both picks.

Miami men “Ed W.” and “Karl S.” are two of the more mature fellas to grace the list of suitors that ABC finally threw up on Facebook. And dang are they lookin' goood.

36-year-old Ed and his opponent 33-year-old Karl, are both significantly older than the crew of girls in their early twenties featured on Pilot Pete’s season.

According to Facebook commenters, folks are rooting for the 38-year-old Clare to find someone who has already plucked his first gray hair.

Honestly, that's so romantic.

Ed has a clear lead in initial popularity between the two Miamians on The Bachelorette's Facebook page.

The photo featuring him in a soft olive top with a suave blue suit jacket has already amassed more than 2k reactions, 453 comments and replies as well as nearly 200 shares as of publication.

One Facebook user posted on the photo of Ed: “I pick him because he seems to be the only one remotely close to her own age. Which I think she will appreciate.”

That's as good a reason as any to be #TeamEd!

Many women on the thread sent him roses via the comment section in true Bachelorette fashion, with another joking that if Claire didn't want him she'd take him, while another said he looks a lot like Drake & Josh's Josh Peck — and we can kind of see it.

Over 80 commenters are Rooting for Karl though, one took to his photo to say: “Good age & handsome. I can see him going far! *rose emoji*”

Women aren't the only ones piping in though, one bro is here to throw a little bit of ‘Miami heat’ on the competition.

“Done deal!! Lets get it brother!!! It’s about to go down!!! *kiss emoji* *dance emoji* *fire, fire, fire emojis* #miamiswag.”

Yeah, if that’s not the purest bit of SoFlo support for a fellow Miami man, I can’t tell you what is.

Even Ed has a man in his corner with a comment on his physical prowess. “Ed got some serious gains in the gym...just saying.”

In this hot city of “do you lift bros,” that could be considered as one heck of an endorsement.

This could clearly go any sort of way, but we'll have to tune in to the new season to watch as our Miami boys begin the battle for Clare’s heart. 

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