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Golden Tate Just Got Custom Miami Heat Cleats & They Are Goals AF (PHOTOS)

What better duo to look toward for inspiration?
Golden Tate Just Got Custom Miami Heat Cleats & They Are Goals AF (PHOTOS)

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So many things are happening in the world of sports right now. If you find yourself struggling to keep up, we got your back. For instance, New York Giants' Golden Tate just showed off his Miami Heat cleats, and they are stunning. 

Wide Receiver Golden Tate made his debut for the New York Giants this weekend. Unfortunately for him and the greater tri-state area, it was a bittersweet coming out party. Let's just say the game did not go as he expected. While the 31-year-old had a forgettable performance on Sunday's loss to the Vikings, he still made headlines before he even stepped on the field.

Images surfaced of the cleats that Tate would wear during his Giants debut. While the wide receiver was born in Tennessee and plays for New York, he looked to some former legends from Miami for some debut inspiration. Tate was ready to rock some shoes with one of the most iconic Miami Heat images of all time and the Internet was loving it. 

Nowadays it is becoming more and more common for athletes to personalize their shoes/cleats as much as possible. While the hype around LeBron Jame's new shoes is huge, you better believe the former Miami Heat legend will be scribbling his family members' names all over them com gameday. It has been his MO for the last few seasons. 

Call it a fad, but some players really take it seriously. Golden Tate went a very different route.  

We have discussed how this epic play between Dwyane Wade and LeBron James has become one of the most legendary photos in NBA history. Golden Tate seems to fully agree and he decided to add it to NFL history. Or at least he tried (again, they lost)...

Tate paired the legendary alley-oop photo with some legendary rhymes to match. 

Tate recruited the artist/designer Mache to make some beautiful custom cleats for his big day. The result was a hand-painted spitting image drawing of that alley-oop on one foot and lyrics from Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaboration album Watch The Throne on the other foot. 

Tate must have loved that era in basketball and decided that he'd like to look down and harken back to those glorious years in Miami so he could feel appropriately inspired. 

Fans immediately recognized the lyrics. 

While the day may not have panned out the way he thought it would, we hope Tate and Mache keep up the good work on the footwear. 

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