NFL Waterboys Get Paid More Than You According To A Florida NFL Star

Anyone know how to apply? Asking for a friend...
NFL Waterboy Salary According To Chad Ochocinco Johnson Is Shockingly High

Saying, "Chad Johnson is very active on Twitter," might be an understatement. In the past 24 hours, the former Miami Dolphin Wide Receiver posted a total of 26 Tweets and counting. While it may be harder to keep up with Johnson on Twitter than it has been on the gridiron (that's saying a lot), one specific Tweet raised plenty of eyebrows. The Tweet in question by Johnson claims that NFL water boys make up to 53 thousand annually

Miami native and current NFL Hall of Fame candidate, Chad Johnson is no stranger to saying outlandish things on Twitter (and in-person). However, when the guy casually mentions that NFL waterboys accrue a total of at least $53 thousand a year, it deserves some looking into. 

After a quick visit to the world wide web, we have some answers. It appears the former NFL wide receiver is not lying. Water boys average $53k a year in the NFL, according to 

Before we delve into what goes into a water boy/girl's job, let's go through this Twitter timeline of revelations. Chad Johnson's now infamous Tweet came courtesy of one single San Francisco 49er fan who randomly mentioned that his NFL team needed to sign Chad Johnson.  

The only response besides Johnson's was not positive at all, actually. 

However, Johnson is a man of the people and he answers all of his fans' tweets. 

The former wide receiver tweeted the following coy response. 

First of all, Chad Johnson has a total of 3.3 million Twitter followers. With the help of our calculator, we were able to find out that each follower would receive a grand total of just over one penny.

While the gesture is certainly appreciated, perhaps Johnson would do better by just keeping the money. 

One of those 3.3 million followers immediately replied what everyone was thinking. 

To which Johnson replied:

Moral of the story: being a water boy is indeed an admirable and fruitful goal to have in life. Not only do you get to see some of the elite athletes in the world up close and personal on an almost day to day basis, but you also get free NFL merch. Now that's a sweet gig. 

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