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Now You Can Get Marijuana-Infused Pizza At This Restaurant In Florida

Nothing like a cheesy weed pizza.
Now You Can Get Marijuana-Infused Pizza At This Restaurant In Florida

There's nothing like a good slice of pizza after a day at the beach. Better yet, a big slice of marijuana-infused pizza. Some restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are adding CBD-infused oils into their menus and this is just the beginning of a new foodie era in Florida.

If you thought you could only get weed-infused ice cream, the trend is also arriving at other eateries. Pizza City in Fort Lauderdale is offering slices of pizza with the popular CBD oil. Also, at Foxworth Fountain in Delray Beach, you can order a big sundae or milkshake with syringes of CBD oil.

It seems like Floridians are loving these new upgraded menus. Now, all you need after a bad morning is a good lunch break of CBD-infused meal. And, we all know Floridians love their colada afternoon break. Colada, a coffee restaurant in Fort Lauderdale has also introduced the CBD oil into their caffeinated drinks. 

You can also get CBD-infused smoothies with your pizza at Pizza City. And, if you have dietary restrictions, Pizza City also offers gluten-free cheese pizza. However, are these foods illegal or is it just a trend?

According to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration CBD oil is illegal nationwide and THC is illegal in Florida unless you have a medical marijuana card. If CDB oil is going to be used as a food additive, it has to pass FDA approval. 

But, Pizza City owner claims the CBD oil in the pizza is clean, organic, and pure. A little bit of CBD never kill anybody, and these restaurants are finding an alternative to make customers happy. 

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CBD oil helps to calm anxiety, reduces migraines and is a headache relief. So the pizza is not illegal as long it doesn't have THC. Another business, Courtney's Cookies, also began selling organic vegan cookies with CBD oil. It seems like nothing is stopping these business owners to make a profit and Florida foodies happier. 

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So, are you ready to try some CBD-infused oil pizza at your next Netflix and chill?

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