Today, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation warned Florida residents against feeding alligators on their Twitter. They reminded residents to keep their distance from alligators and to never feed wild alligators. 

There are laws in place to protect humans from alligators and to protect alligators from humans. There are three alligator laws that every Floridian should know. It is illegal to feed alligators, wildlife, and freshwater fish. It is also illegal to kill wild alligators and it is illegal to steal American alligator eggs.

Feeding wild alligators can lead to very dangerous consequences. Last June, a South Florida woman was killed by an alligator. Two days before she was killed, an email was sent out to the homeowners in the waterfront community she lived. The email notified residents that an alligator had been trapped at a resident's front door and it warned the residents to be mindful of alligators. It also told the residents that feeding wild alligators is illegal because it leads to the loss of fear of humans.

Living with alligators safety tip: Never feed an #alligator & keep your distance if you see one: #Florida

March 11, 2019

Recently, there have been reports of alligators wandering into communities. Just last week, a retirement community in The Villages, Florida became home to an alligator named Larry. Larry is an alligator that lives in a lake by a golf course; he walked across the golf court path and traffic stopped in both directions. Residents of the community were warned to keep their distance and not to feed him.

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Last Friday, on March 8th, there was another alligator sighting, this time close to a school. The alligator was caught in a trap at Palm Valley Academy in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The reptile was six feet long and had been seen wandering around a pond on the campus the week before. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission laid out the trap.

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Feeding wildlife causes them to lose their fear of humans, which can, in turn, lead to more gator attacks. 

Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website here to read more information about alligators.