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Pitbull Crafted The Most Wild 100% Florida Vodka And You Can Now Try It

Pitbull's new Florida Vodka available at iLov305.
Pitbull Crafted The Most Wild 100% Florida Vodka And You Can Now Try It

There is nothing like a good happyhour with a good cocktail drink. Miami is home to Florida's original vodka crafted by Mr. Worldwide, and now you can try Pitbull's new Florida Vodka Voli 305at iLov305 steakhouse and nightlife. 

If you want to try the real taste of Miami, you need to go to iLov305's bar. Voli 305 is made in the heart of Miami and it's the only Vodka that represents the Magic City. If you're wondering what it tastes like Voli 305 has Florida corn, distilled 17 times, triple filtered with freeze filter, coconut filter, and anti-gravity filter. Now that's a good drink to bring at your next Sunday brunch meetup. 

This vodka has a smooth taste and the best part is that is non-GMO and gluten-free. You can also try this vodka at Sugar Factory's signature cocktails. For the thirsty drinkers, you can order a 60 oz. alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets with this Vodka. 

Voli 305 is the first handmade and super-premium Vodka made in Miami. So this is something Miamians can definitely feel proud of. The best part is that the ingredients are locally sourced. A 1.75L bottle of Voli 305 cost $28.07 and you can purchase it here. 

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Even Pauly D approves the taste of Voli 305. If you're around Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, just stop by iLov305 and order a massive drink with Miami Made vodka. iLov305 also offers the best party on a Saturday night for ladies called 'Don't tell your boyfriend'. So, if vodka is not your favorite thing you can also order special mojitos, daiquiris, and margaritas. The restaurant also has a mojito bar. 

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Now you have a delicious, local vodka drink option to bring to your next house party. 

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