You Can Get The Craziest Ramen Noodle-Infused Foods In Fort Lauderdale

Ramen grilled cheese anyone?
Ramen noodle shop in florida serves Ramen grilled cheese

If you ever lived off of Ramen during college, you will be pleased to know this affordable dish is making a comeback with a twist. If you're looking for a Ramen noodle shop in Florida, Kaminari Ramen is a pop-up Ramen joint in Fort Lauderdale with the craziest food combos and creations. 

The pop-up joint released its October schedule and it will be located in Fort Lauderdale locations such as Lauderdale Hand Crafted Beer, Gulfstream Brewery, Rhythm & Vine, FATVillage Art Walk, Laser Wolf, Untapped, Invasive Species Brewing, and Odd Breed Wild Ales.

This is not your typical Asian cuisine. Here, you will find a secret menu worth adding to your food bucket list. Takeshi Kamioka is the chef behind Kaminari Ramen putting a spin into his pull-noodles Japanese dish.

Though Florida is not known for many Asian restaurants, this place will complete all your foodie dreams. The pop-up restaurant offers two amazing creations called Yakisoba Burrito and Ramen Grilled Cheese.

By the name you can figure out it is ramen combined with traditional Mexican and American dishes.

Each dish at the Kaminari Ramen pop-up is spicy, savory, and unique. According to an interview in Voyage MIA, Kamioka's girlfriend Melody has been running the pop-up with inspired Asian street food, which pays homage to their cultural upbringings.

What makes this place special and unique from others is that Kaminari Ramen uses fresh noodles instead of instant ones. Also, you can assure your eggs will be tasty as they use cage-free eggs that are marinated.

Takeshi and Melody are both passionate about ramen noodles and this place will give you the best zesty experience you can imagine.

Kaminari Ramen

Address: Different locations every week. For a full schedule, check here.

Why You Need To Go: This pop-up has a secret ramen menu with the best food combo creations.