This Vietnamese-Cajun Fusion Joint In Miami Will Make You Say Phuc Yea

Ohhhh PHUC. YEA.
Restaurants In Florida Include Vietnamese Cajun Joint Phuc Yea In Miami

One of the best parts of Florida is the seemingly endless array of eating opportunities. From international tastes that will whisk you away without leaving the Sunshine State to good ol' fashioned southern comfort food, you're sure to find something for everyone here; some restaurants in Florida combine cultures and flavors for something truly unique — like this spot in Miami.

Located on Biscayne Boulevard, Phuc Yea takes the Asian flavors of Vietnam and adds a little Cajun flair to take their dishes to the next level.

They offer a little bit of everything: fire-roasted oysters and other kinds of seafood, noodles, steamed buns, and small dishes.

Those with a larger appetite can indulge in the caramel chicken wings, pho-spiced short ribs, Duck À L’Orange, or Pepper Crusted Churrasco — made with grass-fed Angus skirt steaks, black pepper, star anise, massaged with a Thai peppercorn rub.

Vegans also have a few choices on this menu, including crispy tofu bites with a ponzu dipping sauce and edamame hummus.

Phuc Yea has a brunch menu with some unique bites too, including a BBQ pork stuffed empanada, sweet 'n' sour chicken wings with waffles, and sticky rice croquettes with scrambled eggs, Chinese sausage, and corn.

Wanna booze with your brunch? Their brunch menu has a bottomless boozy option for $24 that keeps your drinks coming.

Aside from an insane amount of crave-able food combos that'll have you sayin' Phuc Yea, the vibe is super chill.

You'll be surrounded by bright colorful murals, Asian lanterns, wooden accents, and plenty of plants to bring in that tropical feel.

Whether you're already an Asian food fan or are looking for someplace new to check out, Phuc Yea is definitely worth the visit.

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Phuc Yea

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Vietnamese dishes with Cajun influence — noodles, seafood, meats, and more

Address: 7100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Mouthwatering Vietnamese-Cajun fusion dishes with tons of flavor. Options seem endless, just like the bottomless boozy package available with their brunch menu.