Do you ever wonder how fresh is the food you eat? That's why many people prefer to cook at home. Recently, few restaurants in Florida have shut down due to rodents, dirtiness, and other violations according to the Miami Herald.  

Among the restaurants that have recently closed include, Dunkin Donuts at 5641 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, Le Berger Restaurant, 1216 S. Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth, Los Frijolitos, 3061 NW South River Dr., Miami, Los Tres Golpes Restaurant, 320 NE 38th St., Oakland Park, and Peninsula Retail, 3301 NE 183rd St., Aventura.

The inspectors came to these restaurants and found more than one roach. Other Florida restaurants failed health inspections in early 2019 for finding a corner full of roaches in the kitchen. 

One of the inspectors saw a roach falling from the ceiling and then hiding underneath cookline equipment at Los Frijolitos restaurant. There were utensils stored between the cracks of the wall, and a lot of green mold inside the ice machine. 

There was a battle of roaches at Los Tres Golpes Restaurant. The inspectors found fresh rodent droppings in the dry storage area and underneath the three-compartment sink. There was a live roach on can opener and two live roaches in the dry storage area. 

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There were flying insects on your favorite glazed and coffee donuts at Dunkin Donuts in West Palm Beach. Last year, a Dunkin Donuts in Plantation closed due to a lot of fresh rodent droppings found on ice machine and food storage shelves.

Le Berger Restaurant had a very similar situation. The inspectors saw five roaches that ran out of empty boxes when an employee moved it. Now, that's really scary. 

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Would you dare to go to these restaurants after they reopen? It's really hard to go back to a place you used to grab a quick morning snack. 

Narcity really supports local industries and those that follow health regulations. 

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