There’s never a bad time for a Cuban sub, whether it’s 2 a.m. and you’re craving something hearty, or the morning after a particularly boozy night. When you’re really hungry, any old sandwich will do, but what about when you want the real deal? At Sarussi Cafe Subs, they’re all about quality and quantity, because not only can you get authentic Cubans, they’re literally massive and would prove a challenge to even the most dedicated foodie!

While there are many different ways to enjoy a Sarussi sub, the house original is stuffed with baked ham, roasted pork, a healthy slathering of cheese, and pickles, and is doused in their secret sauce.

Overflowing with fillings and toppings, this colossal creation weighs in at two pounds of delicious, stretching a whopping 16 inches in length.

Now that is a Cuban sandwich we want to sink our teeth into. 

The Miami eatery has been a gathering place for Cubans for over 50 years. The famous original sandwich even garnered the attention of Travel Channel shows like “Miami Hot Spots” and “Man V. Food.”

They were also featured in a live show for the 2010 Super Bowl.

Sarussi’s aims to show the world how great — and delicious — Cuban culture is, always bringing the tastiest food to the table with their secret sauce and a friendly smile.

But the original Cuban isn't all they serve here.

There’s also a whole list of sandwiches with different main meats (chicken, pork, veggie, etc.) that come stuffed with onions, tomatoes, potato sticks, mozzarella cheese, and secret sauce.

All of their eight-inch subs can also be done as wraps, and you’ll want to be sure to make room for the flan, churros, and buñuelos.

Located on 8th Street in Miami, you’ll find hearty breakfast, lunch, and sweet desserts on the menu at Sarussi’s too.

Their classic breakfast menu consists of scrambled or fried eggs, ham and cheese tortilla, tortilla with chorizo, and other filling Cuban-influenced fare.

If you’re feeling daunted by their massive subs, don’t worry, there are other delicious items on the menu that are a little easier to sink your teeth into.

Enjoy grilled chicken, sautéed Cuban pork, and even quesadillas. Whatever you choose, these good eats are sure to satisfy.

Anyone else have a growling stomach now? 

Sarussi Cafe Subs

Address: 9836 SW. 40th St., Miami, FL & 6797 SW. 8th St., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: You've never had Cuban sandwiches as authentic, delicious, and massive as these! The 16-inch original Cuban sandwich weighs in at two pounds, filled to the brim with meats, toppings, and their signature secret sauce.