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Shaq's Miami Fun House Will Be An Epic Super Bowl Weekend Extravaganza

Comprised of one of the best teams ever assembled.
Shaq's Fun House Will Be An Epic Super Bowl Weekend Extravaganza

Super Bowl Weekend is fast-approaching and Miami will be the hub of all things related (and completely not related) to the highly-anticipated finale of the 100th year of the NFL. What better person to host a party to celebrate the end of the Football season than Shaquille O'Neal himself? It's no doubt that Shaq's Miami Fun House will be an epic Super Bowl weekend extravaganza

The former Miami Heat player is regarded as somewhat of a modern renaissance man. Not only was Shaq a legendary basketball player, but he now boasts equally epic statuses as an on-air personality, entrepreneur and even DJ

While most of the world might know Shaquille O'Neal for his dominating performances in the basketball court or perhaps his famous TV analysis for TNT, the 47-year-old has been slowly but surely garnering fame for more artistic endeavors. 

DJ Diesel, O'Neal's stage name, has been touring around the country for years in some of the biggest electronic music fests in the country. He even replaced internationally-recognized DJ and producer Diplo at the last minute for a 75-minute set at Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta last year. 

Keeping in mind that this is the same man that helped Dwyane Wade bring the Heat their first title to Miami and his growing reputation for performing in front of crowds, Shaquille O'Neal is just about the perfect person to assemble an all-star crew of performers for the best pre-Super Bowl show of the weekend. 

O'Neal made the Shaqfest announcement official on his instagram. 

Being the hilarious human being that he is, Shaq presented the lineup through a jumbotron animation as if each performer were a member of a football team roster. 

First up, is hometown hero Pitbull (as Safety). Then, the recent birthday boy, P.Diddy (as Corner Back). Next up is Dutch superstar Tiesto. Shaq seemingly was not able to produce an authentic Dutch accent so Tiesto was never assigned a position on this hypothetical roster.

Moving on, the next performer is super-producer, Diplo (as Quarterback). Up and coming rapper Da Baby (as Wide Receiver) is the next performer in the list for Shaq's Fun House. Playing Center, the man himself DJ Diesel. Last but not least, is Carnage (as Defensive Tackle).

Act fast, because according to the official concert website, Shaq's Fun House is 80% sold out as of right now. While there will be plenty of events throughout the city, few, if any, will be comprised of lineups this big.

Shaq's Fun House will take place Friday, January 31st and will take place in Mana Wynwood, the same venue where Three Points festival was held in 2019. 

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