If you have a sweet tooth, then be prepared because there is a candy store in Doral that has created your ideal frozen dessert. Sloan's Ice Cream in Miami has an ice cream sundae served in a sink and is the definition of perfection.

You can hit the place with a couple of friends or you can go and literally "sink" yourself into this 18-scoop ice cream delight created with different flavors and a massive amount of toppings. We won't judge.

The yummy dessert can be purchased in all the stores of this candy franchise and is a great favorite of foodies and competitive eaters. So, you think you may be able to defeat this sugary, iced and creamy monster?

The dessert reign over the other sundaes in Sloan's solid menu. Its real name is Tracy's Kitchen Sink, but why is served this way? That's because it is the ultimate sundae and comes with absolutely everything, even the kitchen sink!

You can order your sink with 18 scoops of your favorite ice cream flavors. Then, they will crush 4 chocolate chip cookies and 4 brownies over them. Then comes the gobs of whipped cream and cherries. Finally, a true rain of deluxe toppings will fall over the sink. 

The sweet creation has gained notoriety even among celebrities. Kris Jenner, for example, went to give it a try and looked quite surprised when she received her sink at Sloan's Los Angeles.

The dessert is very popular for special occasions and groups, even though many people eat it by themselves. If you mention the occasion the staff may be able to include some extra decorations on your ice cream sundae sink and even candles or sparklers. 

This huge treat is available in all Sloan's Ice Cream stores across the country, and you can indulge yourself for $79.99. Sloan's Ice Cream has unique ice cream flavors made with the best ingredients. Besides ice cream, they serve bulk candy, chocolates, candied apples, toys and all sorts of gifts. A sweet utopia you need to visit asap. 

Sloan's Ice Cream Florida

Price: $79.99

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Address: 8300 NW 36th St. Doral, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To get a sugar overdose with their giant sundae served in a sink full of ice cream, cookies, brownies, and delicious toppings.