Sergio Aguero was seen in Miami these past few days, enjoying the remainder of his offseason vacation time before joining coach Pep Guardiola and the rest of the Manchester City team in preseason training. 

The 31-year-old has just won the English Premier League title in consecutive years with the Manchester club. Over his illustrious career, Aguero has cemented his name as one of the elite strikers of this generation. However, at 31 years of age, most players begin to contemplate how they want to end their careers. 

What better place to reflect on one's legacy than Miami? Aguero was seen with girlfriend Sofia Calzetti going for a bit of shopping and enjoying some fun in the sun.

We'd venture to guess that this may not be Aguero's first time in Miami. He seems to know how to carry himself around these parts. The striker pulled up to the shops at Bal Harbour in a sky blue McLaren, the same color as his national team, Argentina and his club team, Manchester City. Nice touch!

When he saw Aguero enjoying himself in Miami, we could not help but think about David Beckham's Inter Miami CF. How? Well, follow us on this soccer transfer train of thought. 

We filled you guys in on the Beckham family's recent Miami adventures and all the fun they had here. Well, it appears Aguero and Calzetti know a thing or two about boating around Miami as well.

That's just a solid Instagram post right there. Skyline, sunset and pose on point. It's the kind of post that can compete with the Beckham clan's social media activity over the weekend. 

However, rather than compete for the best Miami Instagram post, maybe Beckham and Aguero will join forces instead. 

With two Argentinians set to join Inter Miami next season, why not add one more? Aguero would be an excellent addition to the team and will immediately emerge as the veteran leader that every locker room so desperately needs.