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Florida Woman Finds 'Tampon' Hiding Inside Her Starbucks Cup (VIDEO)

She had bad luck with Dunkin Donuts back in Feburary.

This is not like finding a toy at the bottom of your cereal box. A Miami woman at a Starbucks drive-thru found what she thought was a tampon in her in coffee on April 28. It's another unfortunate incident in her saga of "dirty dining issues."

"I must be cursed because when I go get coffee from Starbucks look what the hell happens," Magela Esquivel wrote on Twitter. "Why me like why am I the lucky one and in the middle of this pandemic like really why this is not even cool at all !! I was thinking it was a tampon when I first opened it."

While at the Starbucks at 180 NW 42 Ave. in Miami, Esquivel opens the lid of her coffee to show what appears to be a narrow tube inside.

“This is what I find inside. I don’t even know what the hell this is,” she says in the video.

In a second video posted on Twitter, her husband holds the object to the cashier and tells them, “I’m keeping this.”

The Starbucks employee tells the pair that the small piece is part of the whipped cream dispenser before offering them another drink. They declined.

According to Esquivel, Starbucks did reach out to her following the incident and offered her a $40 gift card.

This isn't the first time the Miami woman has what she calls "dirty dining issues."

Back in February, she found what turned out to be blood on her bag while at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru window. The employee had cut their finger and unknowingly stained the bag, and some of the contents inside.

They offered a $25 gift card that she declined.

Esquivel told the Miami Herald that she expects to find a finger next and is considering staying clear of drive-thru windows for the time being.

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