It's hard to believe with this heat, but winter in Miami is right around the corner. You can roam among giant sunflowers and pick your own sunflower bouquets early this winter in Miami. Strawberry Fields of Kendall offers sunflower picking from December to May, when late autumn blooms are in full swing. Step away from the city and get lost in towering sunflowers.

Perennial sunflowers produce new blooms from mid-summer to late fall. This makes early winter perfect for sunflower picking when late fall blooms reach their highest potential. 

Strawberry Fields of Kendall lets you pick everything from sunflowers to strawberries to basil. Get your green thumb this winter and choose your own bouquet of sunflowers, fill a basket of bright strawberries, or pick the biggest watermelon from the patch. 

You can create Insta-worthy photos like the ones below while you hand-pick a sunflower bouquet and roam the magnificent sunflower field. The beautiful December weather in Miami will create the perfect backdrop. 

Sunflowers are beautiful and unique flowers native to the Americas. The large flower at the top of the stem is actually made up of many tiny blooms, and these blooms are not always yellow. Some sunflowers bloom with orange and red petals.

Plan your trip to Strawberry Fields of Kendall this December and brighten up your apartment with your own hand-picked sunflower bouquet. 

You can read about which fruits and vegetables that Strawberry Fields offers in addition to sunflowers here.  

Strawberry Fields of Kendall

Price: $7-$11

Address: 94th St. & 137th Ave., Kendall

Hours: December through May, Monday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Why you need to go: Pick beautiful sunflowers at the height of the sunflower harvest!