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This Miami Ice Cream Parlor Let's You Eat Your Sweets In Bed

You can also enjoy your scoop in a wine glass.
This Miami Ice Cream Parlor Let's You Eat Your Sweets In Bed

Now there is a different way to get a treat after dinner in Miami. Sweet Servings Ice Cream Bar is a lounge style ice cream shop featuring a unique, new bed-style serving.

The ice cream bar has a bed where you can jump in and have sweets with your friends. This can also be a great date-night idea for a more intimate encounter. The bar serves Bassets ice cream, sundaes, specialty shakes and overload shakes with all the classic, best flavors. 

The desserts are served in the cutest dishes and some scoops are even served in wine glasses. If you are looking to a sweet ending for your romantic date, this is definitely the spot.

The sweets are even tastier than they look and the portions are considerbly big. You will find the atmosphere chic and cute when you step inside this shop. A regular shake costs $10 and every Friday you can get 50% off your shake!

This is not your regular ice cream parlor. The huge variety of flavors and creative concoctions make this place a one-of-a-kind sweet experience. You can also enjoy their different table games such as chess and tic tac toe.

According to many Yelp reviews, the service is outstanding, the establishment is extremely clean, the seating area is comfortable, and their flavors are extra delicious. Also, this is probably the only place you will get an ice cream sandwich on a butter croissant with honey.

Sweet Servings Ice Cream Bar is located at 814 SW 8th St Coral Gables, FL 33134.

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