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The Answer To The Mystery Of The ‘Holy’ Cross That Strangely Appeared On A Florida Beach

The mystery to the wooden cross that appeared on a Florida beach is solved.

Three days ago, beachgoers in Fort Lauderdale found a huge 'holy' cross that appeared to be a sign from heaven. The cross had appeared near Ocean Manor Beach Resort and tourist were wondering where it came from. It seems that the mystery of the 'Holy' cross that strangely appeared on a Florida beach has been solved. 

This divine discovery had locals perplexed and wondering how such a big cross could land on shore. And we're not talking about a medium-sized cross, it was as big as the ones you see in Christian movies. 

Many people were in disbelief and confused about how the cross got there. According to 7 News Miami, the owner of the Ocean Manor Beach Resort believed it was a sign of protection. Another tourist believed the cross came from the Florida Keys or Puerto Rico. But nobody had the answer until now. 

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Via Ocean Manor Beach Resort

The 20-foot cross appears to have come all the way from North Carolina. According to Miami Herald, a woman believes the cross was established at an island off North Carolina in memory of her brother who disappeared while on a hunting trip in Hatteras Inlet. 

Via Ocean Manor Beach Resort

Robin Stowe contacted the newspaper after she saw the news and reported that the cross was likely swept away by the Hurricane last year. Her brother's friends had built this cross in his memory after he disappeared on that trip. Her brother was Captain Richard Baran and he ran a guide service at Hatteras Harbor Marina.

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At least the 'holy' cross is no longer a mystery.