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This South Florida Museum Has Some Wild Interactive & Instagrammable Exhibits

Does art mimic life, or life mimic art?
The Bass Museum In Miami Has Crazy Interactive And Colorful Exhibits

Museums are a great place to find inspiration for new projects, to admire the work of others, or even to assure yourself that there are definitely some people out there weirder than you. The contemporary art museum The Bass in Miami Beach is one such place with surreal, dreamlike, and thought-provoking exhibits on rotation through the year.

The Bass seems to have made it their mission to create connections between their contemporary art pieces and diverse viewing audience.

Most of the exhibits are interactive, sometimes allowing guests to touch and play with the pieces, but always providing a sensational visual experience.

The Bass opened in 1964 and has seen many renovations and pieces from established and mid-career artists.

The current exhibit, known as Better Nights by Mickalene Thomas, encourages viewers to look ahead into the new year while celebrating the good times of the past.

The exhibit transports viewers back to the ’70s then back into the future. One part of the exhibit uses a series of mirrors, gold and black accents, and potted plants that create an ethereal feel as you wander the room.

Better Nights will be on view through September 2020. It also includes live performances and concerts, guest DJs, and a live bar. The first chapter of Thomas' artistic project, Better Days, took place during Art Basel 2013 at Galerie Volkhaus in Basel, Switzerland.

Another part of the exhibition mimics a giant collage, reflecting apartment life with wood paneling, reupholstered furniture, and wallpaper — it even includes a selection of pieces by upcoming and prominent artists of color, chosen by Thomas herself.

While many exhibitions are ever-changing, their permanent collections are not to be missed, either.

One titled Gummo VI is a set of five colorful car washers that guests can walk between as they playfully brush them.

Past exhibits at The Bass have involved giant balls of cotton, static electricity, fashion, and more.

Needless to say, nearly everywhere you go here is bound to be a totally Instagrammable spot.

The Bass

Price: $15 admission

Address: 2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: Get inspired by crazy, unique, and awesome art! Most things here can be touched or interacted with in some way, creating cool illusions and dreamy Instagrammable backdrops.

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