This Breathtaking Mansion In Florida Is Home To Over 1500 Picturesque Orchids

A garden like no other.
This Breathtaking Mansion In Florida Is Home To Over 1500 Picturesque Orchids

Florida is home to many mansions and 19th-century houses surrounded with art, nature, and history. There is one in particular that is named after the Bonnet Lilly and surrounded by an incredible landscape. The Bonnet House is now a museum situated on South Florida oceanfront dedicated to environmental preservation. 

The estate features the legacy from Frederic Clay Bartlett, a Chicago-born artist who built the house. The house is located in Fort Lauderdale and its unparalleled beauty allows visitors to transports to old Florida. 

Guests are welcomed to tour the house and the greenhouse during January through April. The orchid greenhouse tour takes guests through three grow areas holding approximately 1,500 orchids: the Display House where the flowering orchids are kept, the North Greenhouse and the Lath house.

The estate is also very popular for film and photo shoot opportunities. Each corner boasts a tropical vibe with a charming background.

Currently, the estate is surrounded within 35 acres of a native barrier island ecosystem. The Nature Trail is a great way to step back and relax while enjoying the environment of the property.

Inside the house, guests can enjoy the architectural and artistic exhibits along with items that belonged to the family. Admission to the museum costs $20 and tours are held Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

The museum and house offer a unique backdrop to escape the hectic urban life and surrender to the tropical ecosystem of Florida. During your visit make sure to stop by The Little Cafe for a little fare and Orchid shop to get some blooming orchids for your house. The museum will remind you of a time when life was simpler and more enjoyable.

Bonnet House

Address: 900 North Birch Road Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

Price: $20

Why you need to go: This estate is currently a museum with an impressive trail, greenhouse, and a majestic scenic view.