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7 Things About Sammie Miami On Netflix's 'The Circle' That Will Make You Love Her

"Bottle service with brains, bitches!"
The Circle On Netflix Star Sammie Cimarelli Facts That Will Make You Love Her

The ever-popular streaming service Netflix has done it again with an original that's reality t.v. meets game show. If you haven't watched The Circle on Netflix, it's basically half-anonymous Big Brother with social media catfishing and it's weirdly addicting. Each episode is equal parts, cringe, realness, and deception that will leave you screaming, crying, and laughing at your t.v.; but you can't have an addicting show without engaging contestants, like the spunky 25-year-old, Samantha Cimarelli.

Since her debut as a show O.G., Sammie's strategy has been to be her real self from day one. Her authenticity has gained her a huge following, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

Here are some facts about the contestant that may make you fall in love with her more than you already are.

There will be some show spoilers ahead, you've been warned!

She's All About That Miami Sun

While the star revealed that she's originally from Delco, PA she made it clear that her heart is with Miami. According to her statements on the show, she moved to the Sunshine State just 2 years ago, but she is the personification of the big MIA.

Admittedly a bit of a party girl, her Circle profile says "Bottle service with brains bitches!"; and if that doesn't sum up what it's like to be a Miamian at heart, we don't know what does.

She's Puerto Rican And Italian But Comes From A Broken Home

The Circle star's heritage is Puerto Rican and Italian, which some may say explains her straight forward, loudmouth, fun, party girl persona.

While she may be loud and proud, Sammie doesn't have a big family-unit like most Italians would back home.

In the 2nd set of episodes released to the streaming platform, Samantha reveals that her mother passed away when she was baby. Her father was not able to care for her, so her 20-year-old aunt at the time stepped up to raise her as her own.

Hers may not be big and tight-knit like most would expect from an Italian Puerto Rican family, but there is just as much love and support.

She Has A Youtube Channel, And She's Just As Real As You'd Expect

While her page doesn't have many videos, just like any person on social media she loves to document the important and most fun parts of her life with vlogs.

Her channel not only has a little bit about her move from PA to Miami, but she also does fun challenges with her friends and family.

She did the Hottest Boneless Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge with her sister, has had her best friend do her make-up, tried peel masks (and had it go wrong), shows her love for cosmetics, talks about her sexuality, and also ATE CRICKETS.

She even cries in her video talking about her Miami move, showing just how real she is, touching down on her struggles with anxiety.

Sammie is authentic, wild, and free — and her youtube channel just proves it even more.

She's Educated, With 2 Degrees And STILL Hustlin' For Knowledge

On the show she reveals that she went to college in PA, obtaining a degree in Psychology and Criminology, but her move to Miami also came with very big goals in mind: to live her best life and go to graduate school.

Just like the rest of us hustlers, she works just as hard as she plays, and revealed in one of her Youtube videos that she's always busy doing homework to achieve her dreams. You go, girl!

She's Bi-Sexual, And Damn Proud Of It

As a self-described purple devil emoji, Sammie's flirty, party girl personality swings both ways. She was quick to say that she loves both men and women on the show, showing up on day one in a mesh black and rainbow halter top.

The Circle star also easily became game-show BFFs with fellow rainbow flag flyer Chris Sapphire, and was not happy when other female contestants made it sound like they only used women for fun but were primarily straight.

The Miami girl also talks more about coming to terms with her sexuality on her Youtube channel.

She Works With Special Needs Children

During a heartfelt DM on the show with fellow contestant Shubham, Sammie revealed that she works with special needs children on the autism spectrum as a behavior technician.

Shubham was feeling pretty outcasted in the beginning, and Sammie extended her DMs as a safe space he could pop into at any time.

Her job seems to influence her decision-making in the game, being less likely to judge people outright on their appearances and paying close attention to how everyone is communicating and reading what's being said between the lines.

This only further squishes your heart knowing that she's happy to accept everyone as they come.

She May Be A Pretty Girl, But She's Not Your Typical Girl

While Sammie may be able to slay any day in a dress and heels, the Miamian doesn't always like to be your typical girly girl — she has a bit of a tom-boy spirit.

She likes to keep it comfy with shorts, baggy tops, sneakers, and even a little bit of camo: completely ditching that pretty girl persona.

Sammie was not happy about other contestants using phrases like 'skinny queens' and 'pretty girl' either, and it was clear that she believes books are much more than their cover: much like herself.

The Circle star also has a number of tattoos down her arm, as well as one on her lower buttcheek that says "Babygirl" according to a comment on Instagram.

Little miss Sammie Miami is still in the game, gaining influence by slidin' in those DMs as her true self, and seems to believe that her relationships she's forming will carry her to the end.

You're gonna wanna watch and catch up before the next set of episodes go live.

There are currently 8 epis, but a new batch of juicy competition goes up on Netflix every Wednesday — watch baddie Sammie try to climb her way to the top.

Fans can vote for their favorite contestant to win the "Fan Favorite Prize" here.

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