This Hidden Upcycle Shop In Miami Boasts The Coolest Unusual Finds

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This Hidden Upcycle Shop In Miami Boasts The Coolest Unusual Finds

Fashion gurus know where to shop in Miami and we are not talking about the mall. There is a magical boutique in Miami featuring the most magical finds hidden in an urban oasis. The House of Findings is a retail concept in South Florida mixing vintage, global, upcycled and hand made items offering customers one-of-a-kind looks.

This vintage shop is best-known as a house containing “a collection of collections." The moment you step inside the shop you will be transported into different places. The House of Findings source pieces from all around the world - a shop where you can find a unique Zac Posen dress to a traditional Indian skirt. 

Mayra, the owner of this whimsical shop, has been restoring, upcycling and making small batches of hand made clothing and accessories collections since she opened her first store in 1989.

Her savvy clientele includes fashion influencers, pin-up enthusiasts and even the clever fashionista looking for a special piece.

The shop receives merchandise every week with items ranging from each fashion era. If you want a classy 1930s look or some pants from the 1970s, The House of Findings is the place to search for it.

Currently, summer dresses are her bestsellers due to the tropical weather of the city. The vintage house has items available for women of all age and sizes with different prices ranging from $18 to $800.

As customers enter the shop, the first thing they would say is "Wow". Not only Mayra features a wide variety of styles but also unique accessories such as elaborated headpieces, turbans and even fascinators.

For Mayra, quality and style are very important factors while sourcing for pieces. Each item has to be in good condition for the future wearer and some of them are altered depending on her vision. 

If you are in search of a unique outfit that nobody will have, come to this treasured shop that only your best friend will tell you about.

The House of Findings

Address: 5030 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm.

Why you need to go: This boutique has unique and vintage finds that you will not find at any retail.


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