It is not necessarily breaking news that the Miami Dolphins' season has been nothing short of disappointing so far. The 'Phins have failed to win a single game. In the Dolphins' first four regular-season games, they managed to accumulate just 26 points.

That said, this Sunday the Dolphins were on the brink of dropping all of the collective jaws in the football world as they were leading the Buffalo Bills at halftime. The Miami Dolphins had us thinking, "Could it be?" That is until the Dolphins utterly collapsed in the fourth quarter and allowed the Bills to take the game away from under their fins. The Dolphins' last-ditch effort to save the game, an onside kick gone wrong, has been getting plenty of buzz as it perfectly illustrates the Miami football team's losing season so far.

Earlier on in the season, we mentioned how bleak some of the expert predictions were looking for the Dolphins' season. However, not even the most cynical of Dolphins fans could have predicted such a season

Years from now when we all look back on this season; this one particular play against the Bills maybe be referenced as the summary of the Dolphins' 2019/20 demise.

It was late in the fourth quarter and the Dolphins were three points behind the Buffalo Bills. In an effort to get a valuable road victory and first win of the season, Brian Flores' Dolphins called an onside kick. 

Best-case scenario: the 'Phins get possession back and have a shot of tying or winning the game. 

Worst-case scenario: The Bills recover the onside kick and hold the ball until the end of regulation. 

Neither of those scenarios played out on Sunday.

A third, more embarrassing scenario is what really happened. 

The Bills not only recovered the onside kick but they returned it for a touchdown and in effect, eviscerated any hope of the Dolphins coming back or tying the game. 

Fans around the league took joy in the Dolphins' suffering. 

Unfortunately, we have even more bad news for Miami fans. The NFL season is barely halfway through. To make matters worse, the Dolphins will visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football next week. Oh boy...