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The Miami Heat Celebrated A Win Against The Raptors By Trolling Drake

Miami continues to have the best home record in the NBA as the Heat started the decade off with a low-scoring win at home against the defending champions, Toronto Raptors. Like any good NBA organization, the Miami Heat celebrated the big win by trolling Drake

At this point, it is no secret that the Heat has an elite level social media team. From creating fun challenges for fans to roasting LeBron James himself, their Twitter is always guaranteed to provide some good, clean fun for basketball fans everywhere. 

Drake's official title with the Toronto Raptors is "Global Ambassador." The Candian rapper can be seen at most Raptor games shouting and jumping around courtside. However, Drake has grown certain infamy supporting whichever team suits him best. 

The rapper has worn jerseys from a bevy of NBA teams and seems to cuddle up to any and every basketball player. We're not saying he is not genuinely friends with some of these ballers, but we're also not denying that we get how it can be confusing as to which team he really supports. 

So when the Heat defeated the Raptors 84-76, the Internet loved how the team posted a hilarious video trolling Drake as celebration after the game. 

This video is a masterclass in trolling; the caption reads: "Looks like this W was God's Plan #WINNING."

The caption refers to the video Drake released in 2018 for his hit song "God's Plan." The concept of the video showed Drake giving back to families throughout Miami and rapping/dancing in between his generous donations. 

One of the more iconic scenes displayed the rapper in the University of Miami, sporting a UM hoodie. 

Twitter was eating this trolling up. 

This tweet points out the hilarity of the Canadian rapper showing up in Miami's post while wearing a UM hoodie. The Heat twitter page replied:

Heat twitter reminds us all: they did not have to alter the image or video. Because remember, they have been known to do that as well

The Heat are walking the walk and talking the talk. Miami is third in the East ahead of the Raptors (fourth) and is the sole possessor of the best home record in the NBA.

Stay tuned for more team news. 

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