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This Hidden Florida Book Shop Looks Like The Restricted Section At Hogwarts

When in doubt, go to the library.
The Old Florida Book Shop Is Like The Hogwarts Library

You can finally visit the "Restricted Section" without a note. The Old Florida Book Shop in Fort Lauderdale looks just like the Hogwarts library, complete with rare books, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and a prowling cat. This is one magical shop that belongs on your bookie bucket list.

William Chrisant & Sons' Old Florida Book Shop has over 30,000 diverse volumes on its towering shelves, including illustrated books, vintage fashion magazines, and antique maps.

It purchases books from visitors as well as selling, welcoming new additions to its collection. The shop collects rare and valuable books, similar to a bookstore in Jacksonville.

There are hidden treasures tucked away on the shelves, like a first edition Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, or a 1924 edition of Vanity Fair. You can browse their inventory to hunt for special finds.

The space is decorated with ornate lamps, grandfather clocks, desk globes, and a piano, making it feel like you've stepped back in time or straight into the Hogwarts restricted section. This old-fashioned theme is echoed in its historic and retro book selection.

Beautiful vintage items are peppered throughout the store, including photography and stereography pieces from the 20th century. If you're closer to Tampa than SoFlo, visit this book store and café that sells cheap vinyl records for a similar feel.

The Hogwarts-like shop even has a library cat named Bob that slinks around the place like Mrs. Norris. You may spot him perched on a stack of books or even hiding in a bookshelf. 

The Old Florida Book Shop does more than buy and sell books. You can book this unique space for engagement and graduation photoshoots, book club meetings, piano recitals, and more. 

You can visit the Old Florida Book Shop for a cozy Hogwarts aesthetic. While Harry Potter may be your favorite book, there are endless options to explore at this charming shop. Choose one and embark on a novel adventure. 

Old Florida Book Shop

Address: 3426 Griffin Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner Hermione and head to this enchanting shop in SoFlo for rare books and magical vibes.

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