The World's Biggest Adult-Friendly Inflatable Amusement Park Is Coming To Miami Next Month

Big Bounce America is coming to Miami.
The World's Biggest Adult-Friendly Inflatable Amusement Park Is Coming To Miami Next Month

Get ready to jump and have the most fun workout next month because the biggest inflatable amusement park party is finally coming to a city near you. Big Bounce America is coming to Miami and it's going to be fun-tastic. 

This will be the wildest spring event for the entire family. The World's Biggest Bounce House made it to the Guinness World Record, and you don't want to miss the fun. The tickets just cost $15 for three hours of bouncing experience. Big Bounce America will feature live DJs, climbing towers, basketball hoops, sides, ball pits, confetti blasts, lots of bubbles, crazy dancing and unique competitions.

The best part is that it's super Instagrammable and super affordable. Big Bounce America will bring 'The Giant' - an inflatable obstacle course featuring 40 unique obstacles and challenges. If you got what it takes, then race your entire family in this fun game. 

The inflatable theme park also offers adults-only experience. This one costs $28 and it features 'The Giant' and airSPACE which has a 60ft tall maze. Who said adulting couldn't be fun too?

Big Bounce America will also feature food trucks and other big bounce houses. 

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The event will run for two weekends from March 29th - 31st until April 5th - 7th. There are different bounce houses for all ages and there will also be a sensory sensitive session available for autistic children. 

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Big Bounce America will be located at Miramar Regional Park and you can get tickets here. 

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