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There Is An Official Line Of Florida Man Merchandise And You Definitely Need It

You can actually buy Florida Man merchandise online.
There Is An Official Line Of Florida Man Merchandise And You Definitely Need It

Last week the mighty Florida Man went viral. He's been taking over Florida headlines for decades but now he has become everyone's favorite worst superhero. Now you can actually buy Florida Man merchandise online. 

Florida is known for having the strangest and weirdest news headlines. After everyone started googling their birthday followed by Florida Man, the craziest headlines started popping up like "Florida Man attacked by a 'crazy squirrel' gone nuts - and it was raised by a neighbor". Or this outrageous one "Florida Man sets apartment complex on fire after manager told him to stop masturbating in front of windows."

It seems like 'Florida Man' is responsible for many things in the Sunshine State. He makes our days more entertaining and funnier. He is dubbed as "The World's Worst Superhero". Now you can actually buy a funny Florida Man t-shirt and show your Floridian pride. 

The Florida Man t-shirts are printed and made in Delray Beach, FL. You can get one for $24.99 and receive free shipping and returns. Purchase your Florida Man shirt here.

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The first collection features four different t-shirts with the following headlines: 

  • "Florida Man attacks nephew over under-cooked noodles"
  • "Naked Florida man chases people and cops around Chic-Fil A parking lot, telling them they're gay for looking at his penis"
  • "Florida Man arrested for attempting to break into jail"
  • "Florida man arrested for practicing karate by kicking swans in the head"

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You can also get a Florida Man window decal for $9.99 and show you are a true Floridian. 

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