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There's A Huge Instagram-Worthy Banksy Art Exhibit Happening Right Now In Miami

Miami art exhibit has been taken over with a private collection of Banksy art.

Once an underground England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director, infamous anonymous artist Banksy has managed to become one of the most notable artists of the 21st century - but most people know him best his self destructing painting. Now a Miami art exhibit has been taken over with a private collection of Banksy art. 

Banksy has been a big name artist in London for quite some time, but he managed to make worldwide headlines a few months ago for his self destructing painting that sold at auction for several million dollars. Of course, it was not known at the time that the prankster fitted a shredder into the frame of the painting, so watching it self destruct was an absolute shock to everyone. 

The artist said he specifically fitted the shredder into the frame "just in case the painting ever ended up at auction." 

You can watch the shredding in action and see the priceless reactions below:

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. "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge" - Picasso

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The exhibit will be going on at differing times until February 28 at Magic City studios, 6301 NE 4th Ave, and adult general admission tickets are on sale for $35.99 each.

Here are some Instagram-worthy photos to inspire you for your trip:

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To get your tickets and to see more information, click here