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There's A Massive Great White Shark Chilling Off The Coast Of Florida Right Now

In Florida Great White Sharks are pinging off the coast right now.

While you probably aren't planning on swimming in the ocean until the water starts to heat back up a bit, to sharks the water is more than fine. There are dozens of sharks being tracked in American waters at all times, but most terrifyingly, in Florida Great White Sharks are pinging off the coast right now

This morning at 9:49 am, the Great White Shark named Katherine pinged off the coast of Daytona Beach. She is 14.2 feet in length and a whopping 2,300 pounds. She has been tagged and tracked since 2013 and has traveled thousands of miles in the Atlantic and Gulf, making many stops in Florida waters.

Great White Sharks, also known as White Sharks, Great Whites, and White Pointers are known to grow to lengths of 11-13 feet (adult males) and 15-21 feet (adult females) and their mass can be anywhere between 1,500-2,400 pounds when they are full grown. 

The Youtube video of Katherine being caught and tagged in 2013 is a must-watch and includes additional details about this "very large" girl. It also gives you a good idea of how exactly these sharks are found, caught, tagged and released!

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Recently, the Great White Shark named Nova, who has been tagged and tracked since September of 2018, pinged off the coast of Fort Myers. Nova is an 11.6 foot 1,186 pound White Shark. Impressively Nova's first ping was in late September off the coast of Nova Scotia and over the span of a few months he has made his way down to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Cabot, a 9.8 foot 533 pound White Shark also pinged off the Atlantic Coast of near Daytona Beach only 10 days ago. 

Via ocearch.org

All of the icons with the blue ring around them are the recent pings. Katherine is the farthest north, directly to the right of Daytona Beach, Cabot is below her to the left, and Nova is the icon in the Gulf. The shark in the West Palm Beach area is Pico, the Mako Shark and he is 7.5 feet and 181 pounds. 

According to TrackingSharks.com, there were over a dozen shark attacks in Florida alone last year.

Via TrackingSharks.com

Shark migrating season in Florida is expected to start in the early Spring around March. 

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