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8 Movies With A Miami Backdrop That Weren't Actually Filmed In The City

Prepare to have your mind blown.
These Movies Set In Miami Weren't Actually Filmed In the City

With its marine shades of South Beach blue and boozy sweet Ocean Drive fishbowl drinks, Miami is clearly gifted with some of the hottest spots to explore in the U.S. As the city that brought us Dwyane Wade, DJ Khalid, and dreamy beachy views, it's also served as a hotspot for filming some of the most popular movies. There are even tons of movies set in Miami, but you might be shocked to know that their Miami backdrop isn't always actually the Florida city!

Some films set in our favorite SoFlo city were actually filmed way outside of the 305 — and sometimes even abroad.

Curl up on the couch with some salty popcorn, maybe even a cocktail in hand, and rewatch these movies. Even if you're not feeling up to watching the films, you can use this list to surprise your friends on the next trivia night when you fill them in on the deets of these not-so-Miami filled films.

Rough Night (2017)

This dark comedy follows a group of friends as they dance the night away and enjoy the luxury of a beachside mansion that would make even J Lo jealous. But, the whole thing was actually filmed in New York.

If a mysterious murderer and an exhibitionist next-door couple sound like the recipe for a perfect movie, you're in for a wild ride.

Scarface (1983)

If you still haven't seen this cult-classic starring Al Pacino, now's the time to see what all of the hype is about as you dive right into the Mafia-controlled underbelly of The Magic City.

Get ready for a bit of shock though, because while this film does have a scene or two-shot in Miami, almost all of the scenes were actually filmed in Los Angeles — not the 305.

Casino Royale (2006)

We all know that nobody can live up their time in a big city quite like James Bond. And when that city is Miami, well, things can definitely get messy.

With all of the plot twists and hidden weapons, you may think that this movie has all of the surprises that you could possibly imagine. Not so fast. All of the Florida scenes were shot in the Bahamas — talk about a little movie magic!

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Have you ever heard of the Valentine's Day massacre? This cutting-edge classic takes you back to Prohibition-Era Miami, where booze-fueled yacht cruises and bootleggers commit some of the wildest crimes.

This is a movie best-paired with forbidden 1920s bevs, like a grasshopper or a sidecar cocktail.

You might find yourself falling in love with Marilyn Monroe as she mingles with Florida millionaires in a world totally far from our own, except the film was actually shot at the Hotel del Coronado in California.

Analyze This (1999)

Robert De Niro fans will love this journey from the secret world of the New York mafia all the way down to a Miami gang wedding that might be one of the most intense events to hit your TV screen.

If you're into clever police escapes and moral gray areas, you'll be intrigued to discover more about your fave city through the eyes of a mobster and his therapist.

The #SoFlo backdrop might look familiar to you. The hotel where the big marriage was shot actually is just a short drive away in Ft. Lauderdale. Not quite Miami, but close.

Miami Vice (2006)

With so many movies about crime lords, you may be wondering — well what about the police? Folks who want to root for the law might be more about the Miami Vice life.

Get on that crime-fighting boat and follow a pair of cops as they go after Florida's drug trafficking empire. While you'll likely recognize a scene or two from some of our fave Miami spots, most of the movie was actually shot in the Dominican Republic.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015)

Sometimes it can be relaxing to connect with your inner-child and run away from the adrenaline-fused intensity of car chases and undercover clubs. This super cute animated movie will give you a cartoonish perspective of Miami that might actually be as stunning as the real-life city.

Obviously, this adorable musical wasn't ever actually shot. But, you might be surprised to know that the whole thing was literally put together on a computer in Los Angeles, California.

Thunderball (1965)

If you love James Bond and are all about that #Miamilife, you are definitely going want to check out this exciting Bond classic that is almost 100% set in our fave SoFlo city.

With all those mysterious spy vibes, totally rad vesper martinis "shaken, not stirred", and a plot to blow up Miami Beach, this movie could just have you on the edge of your sofa.

Even with a backdrop that comes straight from the 305, almost all of the Florida scenes were actually shot in the Bahamas.

Movie binge sesh anyone? Decide which far-off location shows the best version of the Big Orange, even if it isn't really Miami.

Whether you want to dive into some classics or are just in the mood to pretend you're at one of the city's brightest bars, you might love at least one of these films.

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