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Things Are Not Looking Good For President Trump In Florida

Trump's approval drops in crucial swing-state Florida.
Things Are Not Looking Good For President Trump In Florida

Whether you are for or against him, there's no denying Donald Trump's approval has dropped in Florida - a swing-state that has always been crucial for elections. Bendixen & Amandi International conducted a poll that interviewed Florida voters on if the president should be re-elected

Only 40 percent of Florida voters stated that they wanted the president to be re-elected whilst 53 percent of Florida voters were opposed to a second term for Trump. Trump's approval ratings have also dropped.

Only 43 percent of Florida voters have a favorable impression of Trump; 52 percent of voters view him unfavorably and 46 percent of voters view him very unfavorably. What makes it worse is Trump's approval rating within his own party, 23 percent of Florida Republicans said Trump does not deserve re-election.

Not only did the poll cover Florida voters overall, they also broke the questions down by category: age, ethnicity, and party. Trump is clearly not popular with millennials because 66 percent of voters ages 18 to 29 have an unfavorable opinion of Trump and 63 percent think he should not be re-elected.

Via Bendixen and Amandi

76 percent of Democrats find Trump unfavorable and 77 percent think he should not be re-elected. Trump is also not popular with people of other ethnicities, 69 percent of African Americans, 60 percent of Hispanics, and 71 percent of Non-Cuban Hispanics think he should not be re-elected.

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Via Bendixen and Amandi

Florida is the U.S.'s largest swing state, with enough electoral votes, 29, to be crucial to anyone's election campaign. Both Democrats and Republicans have been questioning if Florida has been leaning Republican because of its current red state and the Republican governor. But the poll results prove that Florida is still a vital state to the re-election, prone to swinging at any time.

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The survey sample size was 602 interviews with registered Florida voters. It was taken a year ahead of Florida's March 2020 primary and included an oversample of 300 Democrats. To view the survey results, click here.

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