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South Florida's New Museum Of Illusions Is Finally Open & Here's What It Actually Looks Like

Immersive 3-D art that is seriously out of this world!
Things To Do In Miami Include Checking Out New Miami Museum Of Illusions

If you and your friends are searching for things to do in Miami, this is one place you'll definitely want to check out. There's nothing quite like snapping the perfect pic for the IG, but even better when it comes with a truly out of this world experience.

Not too long ago we heard about the Museum of Illusions coming to the big MIA, and now it's finally here.

It joins two other successful locations on the west coast in L.A. and San Fran, each offering their own unique displays. Thankfully us Sunshine Staters are finally getting a taste of this over-the-top art spot.

Adult tickets to the museum are running for only $25, and it's totally worth it with everything you can see here.

Since the experience is so interactive, it's best to bring the whole crew. They offer a buy 5 tickets, get 1 free deal for $125 that will save you a little cash — so why not split the cost with your friends and save everyone about 5 bucks each? 

Really though, who else would you rather have to laugh with you and snap that one-of-a-kind shot as you take a battle stance like a straight-up fireball-flingin' Mortal Kombat character other than your best friends?

As for what all to expect during your visit, the possibilities are endless. From magic carpet rides,

to looking like you're a levitating witch,

and even kicking Donald Trump off his board into the surf, you'll be transported to new worlds in fully immersive rooms of wall to wall, floor to ceiling, 3-D art displays.

These photos are just a taste of everything you can see here, and there's nothing like experiencing it for yourself.

If you're ready to play around in this artsy playground, you can find an overview of the Miami Museum of Illusions below.

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Miami Museum of Illusions

Price: $25 per adult ticket, or $120 for the VIP experience. They also offer a buy 5 tickets get 1 free ticket package for $125 if you're going with your BFFs. All ticket prices can be found here.

Address: 536 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL

Hours: 10 a.m. to midnight daily. Holiday hours may vary.

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself in a world of interactive 3-D art with complete rooms dedicated to over-the-top illusions. This might just be the most photo-worthy and Instagrammable museum out there right now.

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