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This Abandoned Fort In Florida Is A Super Gorgeous Place For Summer Pics

The most remote national park in America is a stunning place for summer photos.
This Abandoned Fort In Florida Is A Super Gorgeous Place For Summer Pics

Florida is an absolute gold mine when it comes to the best scenes that nature has to offer. From coastal beaches to sparking springs and national parks, Florida has it all. We even have the most remote National Park in America - and it's the most stunning place to get summer photos.

Located off the west coast of Key West Florida - you'll have to take your own boat, a ferry, charter, public or private seaplane to access this gorgeous historical landmark. The Dry Tortugas have been considered the most remote and least visited National Park in all of the U.S. We've always wanted to take a seaplane before, so what better excuse than this place?

With a picturesque abandoned military fort featuring arched stone structures, turquoise depths, and hidden treasures under the water's surface, there's no shortage of gorgeous shots at The Dry Tortugas National Park to capture. The water alone has our hearts calling to the sea.

Being on a remote island, there is a vast span of beach for you to make your newest sunbathing spot - Or if you want to explore the fort, you can walk the runway that circles around it, take a trip inside and see the stone architecture, or go up to the tippy top for a bird's eye view of the water.

This place is truly breathtaking and one of a kind - the photos speak for themselves. Check out all the amazing shots from the Dry Tortugas below: 

Inside of the fort is super cool too. The Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas was built back in 1847 to combat piracy (yo-ho). The plans called for an indestructible hexagonal fortress, complete with a massive 420 heavy-gun platform. The structure was to stand 45-feet above sea level, surrounded entirely by a wall and a 70-foot wide moat. 

Over 16 million bricks were laid, making it one of the largest coastal forts ever built - and despite this, it was never actually completed. The brickwork in this abandoned military fort is truly a work of art in itself:

You can also snorkel here and see sunken treasures beneath the surface - such as coral reefs, colorful fish, and remains of ships that crashed near the fort from days of old. Whether you're looking to only explore inside and learn about the history, enjoy the entire island, or hop in the water. This place is truly a hidden treasure of Florida.

If you want to visit the Dry Tortugas, you'll have to plan your trip - their website offers a ton of information on how to make this your next big adventure. Through the Dry Tortugas website, the cost of entry to the national park is grouped in with your ticket - it will be $180 for an adult day trip.

If you want to camp The Dry Tortugas, it's about $200 - plus a campsite fee that the national park will charge of $15-$30, depending on the size of your camping crew.

Visiting and camping this island would be a truly one in a million trip to make and plan for, and you'll never forget your trip with all the stunning shots you can capture to take the memory of this unique place with you forever.

To learn more about the history of The Dry Tortugas, plan a trip, see full pricing breakdowns, or book a ticket - check their website here.

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