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This Japanese Dessert Shop In Miami Serves All Things Matcha

A fusion of Japanese heritage and Miami cuisine.
This Japanese Dessert Shop In Miami Serves All Things Matcha

We get it. You need caffeine every day but there is a place in Miami that has that green caffeine that gives you a glow. Yoko Matcha is Miami's first matcha cafe that offers tea drinks and food items with Japanese and Miami Latin flavors.

Yoko Matcha is located inside a lifestyle boutique in Wynwood that features swimwear and activewear. If you are into the healthy lifestyle and can't get over the matcha craze, this spot will become your favorite. Yoko Matcha is inspired by Chié Dambara's grandmother, Yōko Dambara. The mission of Yoko Matcha is to fuse the tradition of matcha with local culture, and promoting the health benefits of drinking matcha.

Not only will you find matcha infused tea on their menu. At Yoko Matcha you can select items such as rose matcha latte, matcha pastelito, matcha donuts, turmeric matcha latte, matcha limonada and more.

Matcha is a superfood rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and no-jitter energy boosts. There are different grades of matcha including ceremonial, premium and culinary. Each grade is determined by the processing method used, which results in a differing flavor profile, texture, and color. 

Yoko Matcha also sells the different grades of matcha and also a matcha whisk. If you want to purchase a bag click here.

Yoko Matcha is located inside Eight Space at 174 NW 26th Street.

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