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This Florida City Is Ranked The Third Most Dangerous City In All Of The United States

Florida City, Florida has been ranked as the third most dangerous city in America.

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If you thought your city was bad, we have news for you. Alarms.org has released its list of the most dangerous cities in America and Florida City, Florida ranked as the third most dangerous city based on its violent crime rates.

Their rankings are based on the violent crime rate average per 1,000 people and police adequacy. According to Alarms.org, the United States has higher rates of violent crime compared to Europe and Asia. Alarms.org analyzes different states' rates of violent crime compared to the strictness of gun laws. States that ranked high on their list, like Florida, Michigan, Georgia, and Alabama, all have lax gun laws.

But America's most dangerous cities aren't just explained by gun laws. American communities that have high rates of violent crimes are some of the most impoverished in the country.

Florida City, Florida ranked as number three in the top 100 most dangerous cities in America, with a violent crime rate of 22.75 per 1,000 people. Florida City is also ranked as the most dangerous city in Florida.

Florida City is located just south of Homestead, FL. Florida City ranks so high because its violent crime rates are getting worse and worse by the year. Residents of Florida City have a 1 in 12.6 chance of having something they own stolen or vandalized.

In Florida City, residents have a 1 in 43 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. For comparison, in Weston, Florida, ranked as the safest city in Florida, residents have a 1 in 234 chance of being robbed. 

Opa Locka, Florida ranked as number ten out of the 100 dangerous cities in America, with a violent crime rate of 19.49 per 1,000 people. In Florida, Opa Locka ranks as the fourth most dangerous city in Florida. Opa Locka, Florida has 1,949 violent crimes per 100,00 people and 5,663 property crimes per 100,000 people. 

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Alarms.org gathered their information from the Uniform Crime Reporting system provided by law enforcement agencies from cities, universities, and counties. Overall, the data from the system represented more than 193 million people in the US.

Florida City and Opa Locka ranked both high on the list because of their violent crime rates and the police adequacy rate. The policy adequacy rate is the total number of crimes divided by the number of police officers serving the city.

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Several other Florida cities made the list, and you can see the report in full on Alarms.org here.