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This Florida Keys Tiny Home Village Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Have you ever wanted to downsize your life and run away from the clutter to a tiny house? Whether you're looking to explore the world or just simplify things for a bit, that #tinylife can seem really appealing. The only problem is that it can be really hard to separate from our favorite belongings, especially when we know we’ll never get them back. Luckily for Floridians, this Florida Keys Tiny Home Village is the solution that might just hit the sweet spot between simple living and forever.

Sunshine Key Tiny House Village will let you get a taste of the small life without stopping you from living big the rest of the year.

The resort has five brightly-painted tiny houses that you can rent on a nightly basis with up to five friends.

Grab your favorite peeps and spend a weekend chilling out on the stunning Ohio Key, free from the clutter and distractions of typical resort living.

Here, there will be little to keep you from exploring every inch of the 75-acre island or even the neon waters of the nearby Bahia Honda State Park.

Wander white sand beaches, crack open a cold beer and snap some adorable pictures in front of a tiny house. Can you think of a more relaxing way to spend a weekend?

While all of these things might sound appealing, arguably the best part is that the houses are super cute.

Each home is totally unique in both layout and color. If that’s not funky enough for you, the houses actually have island-themed names like Pearl, Kai, and our fave: Hemingway.

They also vary in price, with the smaller homes going for $250 per night and the larger ones costing $300. Since the bigger places actually sleep six, the total comes out to $50 per person.

Not a bad deal for a unique night near the waves!

Whether you're hoping to give tiny house living a real go or just want to try something new for a few days, Sunshine Key Tiny Homes is offering one of the coolest ways to experience the Florida Keys.

Sunshine Key Tiny House Village

Price Per Night: $250 - $300

Address: 38801 Overseas Hwy., Big Pine Key, FL

Why You Need To Go: Kick back, relax and enjoy the lovely Florida Keys without the distractions of a modern hotel. The simplicity of these tiny homes will give you and your crew the chance to soak up some sun and listen to the waves. 

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