Florida has its share of expensive houses, after all, there are plenty of celebrities with homes here - but one of the most expensive homes of all, Playa Vista Isle, was recently sold for $100 million dollars less than the asking price. We knew the housing market went down and all but dang, this one really stings.

This magnificent 30,000-square-foot French-inspired chateau is situated on 5 acres of Ocean-to-Intracoastal Waterway in Boward County and boasts an unbeatable view of the ocean.

According to Forbes, when the mansion was first listed for sale the house construction had yet to be completed, and at that time the blueprints planned for 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and one dock. In the intervening years, the owners added another five bathrooms to the layout and two concrete deep-water docks large enough for yachts.

The mansion hit the market in 2014 with a price tag of $139 million. It went on and off the market several times before the most recent listing came about with an asking price of $159 million. The owners decided to auction the house and 11 interested parties entered into a bidding war.

The winning bid came in at an astounding $42.5 million - the highest ever auction sale price on a home, although still over $100 million dollars less than the owners hoped to get. 

Via Concierge Auctions

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The house once held the title for the most expensive home in the country but was recently out-done by a $500 million dollar home in Los Angeles. 

Nonetheless, this Florida mansion is spectacular and even features over $3 million dollars worth of gold flakes and plating throughout. Check out this walkthrough video by the auction company:

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Property records also show the buyer is Oppornova LLC, a Delaware-based company affiliated with Andrew Mack, co-founder of tea company Teavana.

Looks like they made out pretty good - I mean, how often do you hear about a house selling for 5k less than asking price let alone $100 million?

Via Concierge Auctions

Everything suggests that the final bid of $42.5 million was obviously above the starting bid asking price but never made it anywhere close to the desired $150+ million amount. 

To see the complete listing details and additional photos, click here.