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This Miami Bakery Just Brought Back Their Signature Harry Potter Themed Macarons

Ma-ka-rohn is now serving butterbeer macarons.

Is there something better than a box of macarons? Yes, Harry Potter-themed macarons that will put you under a magic spell. The Miami bakery Ma-ka-rohn is now serving butterbeer macarons that are delicious and sensational.

Now you can order the butterbeer macarons for $1.99 each and it will appear at your door as fast as waving your wand and saying 'Accio'. The butterbeer macarons are made from a secret butterbeer creme recipe with a gluten-free filling that will leave you enchanted. The red and yellow shell macaron represent the house of Gryffindor, giving each foodie the opportunity to be brave wherever they go. 

These butterscotch and gluten-free style macarons are what every muggle needs. If you want to enchant your S.O. definitely impress them with these macarons. Ma-ka-rohn also offers other specialty macarons such as Lucky Charms and Irish Coffee macarons for St. Patrick's Day and Fruity Pebble macarons. 

The great thing about this bakery is that it offers fast-delivery in Miami from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also get the macarons shipped anywhere in the U.S. for orders over $69. They have a minimum of $23 for shipping. You can also order the macarons through Postmates and pick them up personally at 4322 SW 73rd Ave, Miami.

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These limited edition Gryffindor-themed buttercream macarons are a passion project from a true Potterhead. Don't miss out and plan your next Harry Potter marathon series with these perfect sweets. 

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So, are you ready to cast a spell and eat the most magical macarons? You can purchase the macarons here.