For some, Starbucks coffee just isn't always enough. Miamians are always in the quest for the best coffeehouse and there is one tucked away in South Miami that serves the wildest coffee drinks.

Brewing Buddha Cafe and Arthouse showcase the perfect blend of coffees, teas and photographs - delivering a truly authentic coffee experience. Many locals who visit this location not only have a passion for coffee but they live the lifestyle.

The coffeehouse is dedicated to all things modern, wise, and artistic. From pour-over coffee to their unique food menu, this cafe is an invitation to toast for coffee. The cozy atmosphere allows visitors to immerse into their conversations and personal meditations. 

Brewing Buddha's menu feature lattes, beer, teas, wine, and traditional coffees such as Cuban coffee and macchiato. At Brewing Buddha, every sip of coffee is an experience and the staff makes sure yours is one-of-a-kind.

The cafe has a smelling tea station where you can enjoy the aroma of lavender earl grey, vanilla chai and others. But when it comes to coffee, locals favorites are the campfire s'mores latte, wild rose latte, and creme brulee latte in which each latte is made with a creative latte design and personalized toppings.

Bookworms will also enjoy this place with their cozy corners and a Miami Herald book with the hottest headlines of Miami history. The coffeehouse also features a drink of the month where baristas go above and beyond with their coffee recipes. 

It is a place where creatives meet for a pick-me-up and collaborators unite to discuss their dreams. South Florida's coffee culture has soared in popularity and this hidden gem offers the perfect blend of art, aroma, and coffee bean.  

Brewing Buddha Cafe and Arthouse

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-7 pm and Saturday 9 am-7 pm

Address: 8219 SW 124th St, Miami, FL 33156

Why you need to go: They serve the most unique coffee flavors.