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You Need A Password For This Secret Lounge Hidden Behind A Bookshelf In Florida

Once the weekend arrives, Miamians want to escape to a different atmosphere that does not remind them of work. Thankfully, there is a place tucked inside a hotel in Miami Beach that is as secretive as your diary and perfect for your getaway. Shh Secret Lounge is a hidden bar behind an inconspicuous bookcase that looks like a New York City alleyway. 

This bar is not your typical South Beach lounge with the door bouncer drama and expensive fees. Located inside an Art Deco hotel in South Beach, Shh offers its visitors a mixed vibe between nostalgic New York City streets and sophisticated South Beach.

The lounge feature old school hip-hop style, live DJ, an antique pay phone that serves as a photo prop and comfortable couches that look like you just walked into your neighbor's basement.

Guests can have the perfect night out without inhibitions and travel back in time without regrets. If you are thinking of hosting a secret party without a chance to run into your ex then this is the spot. Guests can make reservations through this link. 

The secret lounge offers signature cocktails including Secret Seduction, Chamomile Smash, Phoenix Feather, New York Sour, Eximo Old Fashioned, Brooklyn Bamble, and Spicy Mezcal-Rita. An average cocktail costs $15 and they also offer bottle service.

Once you find the bookshelf, you are just a step away from a hidden world of great DJ music, ambiance, and drinks. Tell your closest friends and head here for a happy hour after work. 

Shh lounge is located at 860 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL.

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