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This Zen Japanese Museum In Florida Is So Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will whisk you away to your zen place.

A cherry blossom tree that sweeps against a blue sky can easily invoke a feeling of calm. Something about Japanese culture has this element of peace and tranquility that easily transfers over into their art and architecture. If you've ever wanted to get a taste of Japanese culture in America, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will whisk you away to your own zen-place right in Delray Beach Florida.

Our lives tend to be so hectic, that we often forget to stop and smell the flowers. A deep breath and a peek at the surrounding beauty of the Morikami Gardens are enough to fade away that stress and bring you that feeling of zen that's missing from your life. Even the name of their gardens sounds peaceful - Roji-en: Garden of the Drops of Dew. 

The gardens feature 6 different and distinct types: the Historical garden, the Shinden garden, the Paradise Garden, the Early Rock Garden, the Karesansui Late Garden, the Hiraniwa flat Garden, and the Modern Romantic Garden - leaving no shortage of Florida's Japan to explore.

Each garden is overflowing with beauty and tranquility that you need to see to truly feel. The photographs of these gardens are stunning works of art that exude the most zen energy - exactly what you need for your Asain-inspired or nature-themed Insta. There are too many perfect picturesque backdrops that will transport you straight into Japan. Just admire some of these zen-inducing photos:

You can even get a zen-selfie with Buddha himself.

Not only are the gardens themselves beautiful, but the art within the museum as well. You can admire some traditional Japanese art, as well as learn more about Japanese Culture. The museum features 3 exhibition galleries with over 7000 pieces of Japanese art and objects, an authentic Japanese teahouse, a 225 seat theatre, a research library, classrooms, and a cafe with lakeside terraces for you to enjoy the picturesque landscape while you grab a bite. 

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The Museum is known to have plenty of events and celebrations that bring in even more culture - with musical performances using traditional Japanese instruments; You can watch a short clip of a Taiko drum and Koto strings performance below:

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This little sliver of Japan is open for you to find serenity Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-5pm, and are always closed on Mondays and major holidays. Admission is only $15 for adults, $13 for seniors, and $9 for children or free if younger than 6. If you come as a group of adults, they also have group pricing available for about $13 per person - all admission prices include tax.

As a Japanese art and culture junkie, this is the perfect place to go and soak up all of the zen vibes these gardens have to offer. If you'd like to travel abroad and find your calm without ever leaving Florida, the Morikami Museum and Gardens are located at 4000 Morikami Park Road Delray Beach, Fl 33446. 

To learn more about the history of the Morikami Museum, what to expect during your visit, or see upcoming events, check out their website here.

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