If you're planning your next getaway to South Florida, get ready to encounter a packed beach. Miami is expecting to receive thousands of tourists and spring breakers like never before. Beaches will be so packed that the city has issued some guidelines for tourists and locals. 

For locals, the beach is their last option when looking for a staycation alternative. Authorities have issued some rules to ensure tourists enjoy a safe holiday season. According to 7 News, Miami Beach will receive ten of thousands of people who are expected to unite in the sandy haven of South Beach. For this reason, the city has implemented guidelines and a list of prohibited activities. 

Miami Beach is known for its high activity from March 1st until April 2nd due to Miami Music Week and other vacationers. 

These extra measures are necessary so the police can monitor what's going on around. Here are some security measures that were issued by the city: 

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  • Coolers, inflatable devices, tents, tables and similar structures on the beach will not be permitted.
  • The limitation of live or amplified music.
  • The limitation of traffic routes to prohibit vehicular access to non-residents, and permit access only for residents and those patrons and employees of businesses located in the specific area where traffic routes have been limited.
  • The establishment of occupancy limits for different segments of beach property, and prohibiting access to those areas that have reached those occupancy limits, in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.
  • The prohibition of any direct or indirect consumption of alcohol on the beach property.
  • Continued enforcement of the prohibition of smoking marijuana.
  • The implementation of a license plate reader police detail, which may be utilized on eastbound traffic lanes of the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle causeways.
  • Depending upon crowd size and in the interest of public safety, the Miami Beach Police Department may close Ocean Drive or a portion thereof between 5 to 12 streets during peak hours.
  • Deployment of Goodwill Ambassadors on the weekends to provide tips and assistance to beach-goers.

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Ocean Drive is known to get really busy this time of the year. That's why these regulations have been implemented. Traffic can get really busy and parking a mission.

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Expect road closures during this season around South Beach. We recommend 71st street Miami Beach if you're looking for a peaceful vibe.