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Three Masked Men Robbed A Florida 7-Eleven And Got Caught On Video

Florida gas station robbed by three masked men.

It is never a boring day for police officers, especially those in the Sunshine State. Pasco County police have had a busy week in particular - they are now investigating a Florida gas station robbed by three masked men.

The police force took to Facebook yesterday to share the security cam video of the three robbers in hopes that someone would be able to identify them. The post reads:

"Attempt to identify:

On February 01, 2019, at 3:54 a.m., three black males entered the 7-Eleven at Rowan and Trouble Creek in New Port Richey and removed several boxes of cigarette cartons. The suspects fled south toward Ontorio to an unknown location.

If you can identify, please call TDY Property Crimes FTO A. Orndorff at 813-447-9754 or visit https://pascosheriff.com/tips/. Please reference case # 19-004566. Thank you in advanced."

Thankfully no one was hurt during the robbery. The video of the events can be seen in full below: 

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One commenter concluded the robbers must have gotten away with upwards of $5,000+ worth of product:

"I don't think many people understand how much money this is worth. Marlboros are $60+ a carton, Newports $70+. Those boxes hold 30 cartons each. 3 Boxes is about $5400+ of cigarettes," the comment reads.

Currently, the video has been viewed thousands of times but the identity of the men remains unknown. Anyone with information is urged to contact police with any tips that may lead to the arrest of the suspects.

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