The vote is in: Ultra Music Festival will be returning to Miami in 2020 despite this year's disastrous outcome. This year's festival not only caused thousands of festival-goers to walk for miles to get off the island due to unforeseen traffic complications, but it was also so loud it scared local wildlife.

The City of Miami nearly kicked the festival out, but ultimately couldn't ignore the amount of money and tourism the festival brings to Miami. 

According to the Miami New Times, yesterday Miami commissioners voted 3-2 for Ultra to return to the city. Commissioners Keon Hardemon (who proposed the festival's return), Willy Gort, and Manolo Reyes voted in favor. Commissioners Joe Carollo and Ken Russell voted in opposition. 

"I've never seen something like this. This is absurd," Commissioner Carollo told WPLG Local10 News

Ultra 2020 will be held in Bayfront Park. Historically the festival has been held at Bayfront, but last year it tested a new location on the Virginia Key, with disastrous results for festival-goers and local marine life. 

The festival's Instagram posted an announcement yesterday stating Ultra is going #backtobayfront. One commenter mentioned that this decision is not a surprise considering the money Ultra brings to the city. Another was more positive about the news, commenting that Ultra is "back where it belongs."   

The license granting Ultra's access to Bayfront Park is revokable, according to the Miami New Times, and demands certain changes for 2020. Noise levels must be reduced from 110 decibels to 102 decibels, there is a maximum of 55,000 festival-goers per day, and the festival now has a midnight curfew each night.

In addition, one stage has been eliminated and the children and dog parks must remain open at Bayfront Park during the weekend of the festival. 

Ultra will also pay a $2 million fee to be held at Bayfront Park in 2020. This is in addition to paying back the money they owed to the City of Miami, in excess of $300,000. For Ultra, Miami is worth it.