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Ultra Music Festival May Leave Miami In 2020 After Frightening Local Fish

The worst thing for fish since Darla.
Ultra Music Festival May Leave Miami In 2020 After Frightening Local Fish

You may already know that Ultra Music Festival 2019 (read: Fyre Festival 2) was a trainwreck due to transportaton issues. However, the festival was a disaster in more ways than one. Ultra Music Festival 2019 also put tons of stress on nearby marine life. The extreme noise levels of the event severely frightened local fish surrounding Virginia Key, where the festival took place.

According to Key News, researchers found stress hormone levels in fish near the festival to be higher than those found in fish being chased by a natural predator. In other words, nearby fish experienced something more stressful than fearing for their lives. The underwater noise level rose between 7 and 9 decibels near the event. What resulted below the water was a powerful and eerie underwater sound. 

You can listen to what Ultra sounded like to fish in the video below: 

Ultra was initially booted out of Miami back in May after receiving several complaints surrounding extreme noise levels and transportation issues. Thousands of festival-goers were forced to walk multiple miles after a transportation shortage occurred following the 2019 festival.

Below you can read the letter Ultra released in May regarding its initial plans to leave Miami:

However, the City of Miami had second thoughts regarding the positive economic impact the festival brings to Miami. As a result, the city drafted a tentative plan for Ultra to take place at Bayfront Park in Miami in 2020, to be put to a vote this month. 

The Miami commissioners' decision as to whether the 2020 festival should be held in Bayfront Park in Miami or be moved to a different South Florida city altogether will take place on July 25. If allowed in Bayfront Park next year, the festival will likely have to make several serious changes to avoid a repeat disaster or even a permanent ban from Miami. 

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