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Unique Spots In Miami Include This Giant Egg-Shaped Structure y Of A Hotel In Miami

If you love to wander around the South Beach area you probably think you know everything that is to know about its surroundings. Fortunately, there's always room for amazing discoveries in the city. If you're hunting for unique spots in Miami, there is a giant egg hidden in the back alley of a hotel and it's the strangest thing you'll see today. 

This ovoid architectural element is located in the back of the Betsy and Carlton hotels on Ocean Drive. Its name is "The Orb" and its not just a simple sculpture but an actual sky bridge that connects both buildings. No passerby can remain unmoved by this piece, and they are very likely to strike a pose to take photographic evidence of the discovery.

This daring piece of public art is a very extravagant one. It was completed in 2016 and its conceptualization and creation are attributed to architect Allan Shulman.

The huge ball, that looks like a very futuristic and organic element in the middle of two Art Deco constructions, is also part of the creative efforts made by the principal owner of Betsy Hotel, Jonathan Plutzik.

Plutzik put the hotel in the literary world thanks to initiatives like regular poetry readings and a writer residence. 

The whole idea behind the singular project was to reimagine South Beach as more than just a sunny and party destination. Also to take advantage of tight lots and less traveled spaces to create a more sophisticated aesthetic in the whole area.

What we are sure of is that the structure is a real surprise. It also seems to have been a truly challenging experience for its creator, who preferred to be creative and leave his comfort zone to settle for a simple bridge as a union for the two hotels.

Are you ready to get your pic taken at this singular spot in Miami Beach? 

The Orb at Betsy Hotel

Address: 1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To admire and take pictures with this unique egg-shaped structure hidden in the back of a South Beach alley.  

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