Synchronized lightings, good tempo and colorful structures are the next levels of entertainment. After all, Floridians have seen it all and they crave supergalactic experiences. PY1 is a multimedia show with a pyramid-shaped venue featuring an electronic show out of this galaxy.

PY1 is the next level of multimedia and immersive entertainment. Guy Laliberté is the creator behind this thematic show offering a stellar experience "that transports you on a technological odyssey through space and time."

According to TimeOut Miami, PY1 features 32 laser projectors, 286 kinetic set pieces, 444 LED light fixtures and 126 speakers creating a vibrant and prismatic venue.

Despite some negative feedback from partygoers, Guy Laliberté is confident that this will bring Ultra Festival attendees a similar and elevated experience. 

Imagine arriving to modern Egypt and being taken by attractive aliens. PY1 will bring to Miami vibrant music, visuals and special effects.

The Montreal based multimedia show provided an audio experience like no other.

"I loved every moment of the show, a perfect pairing event for MUTEK Montréal. It was an experience that will stay with me a lifetime, maybe more. Everything from the soundscape, visuals, lighting and energy was absolutely thrilling. It is something you can only understand by being there and taking it in for yourself. Do it," confirms Sherri Seanor who recently attended the show.

This pyramid might look like the entrance to the Louvre Museum but once you enter the premises it will transport you through a technological odyssey.

Tickets and date for Miami have not been released yet. You can learn more about the show and upcoming news here.


When: TBA

Why you need to go: This multimedia and immersive electronic show will give you the experience of a lifetime.