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Video Showing Florida Man Hunting Pigeons With A Net

Florida Man is back at it again.
Video Showing Florida Man Hunting Pigeons With A Net

There are some weird things that happen in Florida - after all, that is the foundation of the entire Florida Man subReddit, so is it really that shocking that a video has surfaced of a man catching pigeons in a net? Probably not for most. 

The majority of questions surrounding the video is about what the man plans on doing with the birds. Although the video posted on World Star HipHop is pretty low quality and only just over 30 seconds in length, you can clearly see a man standing near a group of pigeons with something in his hand. It is soon revealed that "something" is a net that he throws over the birds - successfully catching several. 

The video cuts off with the man putting the birds in the back of a vehicle. It is not clear if it is his vehicle or someone else's - but we would put money on it being his. There is no further information on who the mystery bird man is, so that is also up to speculation. Knowing the internet his identity will not remain a secret for very long. 

Check out the video below:

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As for the legality of this man's actions - well, according to the Chicago Tribune, it is not illegal to catch and eat a city pigeon unless it happens to be someone's trained homing pigeon.

With that being said, a lot of people are assuming he was catching his dinner. 

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One World Star HipHop user commented: "Guna eat em or sell em. I seen a man in nyc scoop up pigeons in a net with a long pole. Then he threw it in the back of his pick up truck . Weird ppl"

And another user said anything tastes good when you put that teriyaki sauce on it.

Honestly, the entire comment section of the video is pretty hilarious. Check it out here

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