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Well Known Florida Musician Informs Fans Of Rare Cancer Diagnosis And People Are Donating Thousands To Help Save Him

Tarpon Springs musician Cal Morrris struck with rare form of blood cancer, raises 56k In GoFundMe donations in a month
Well Known Florida Musician Informs Fans Of Rare Cancer Diagnosis And People Are Donating Thousands To Help Save Him

If you have ever taken a walk down the bustling streets of Tarpon Springs, you may have been lucky enough to witness an impromptu violin show performed by the talented Oklahoma native, Caleb Morris, who now lives with his wife and two children in Tarpon Springs. After performing many concerts and growing a fan base in the thousands, Morris took to his social media to update his followers on an unfortunate turn of events.

His Instagram post from November 18, 2018, states that after a check-up for a seemingly no-big-deal symptom, it was revealed to Morris that he has a very rare form of blood cancer known as MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes) which will likely be a huge impact on how often he will be able to perform. Despite the long road of treatments ahead, he remains in good spirits.

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"To my incredible fans: I wanted to keep you updated about some personal news, that will impact my music in the near future, and to ask for prayers. A couple days ago, very shockingly to me and my family, we found out I have a rare form of blood cancer. We have a long road ahead and many decisions to make, but I’ve never felt more loved and held than I do right now," part of his post reads. He had over 400 comments full of condolences on that post alone. 

Morris was a construction worker with his family's business in Oklahoma prior to following his dream of being a career musician. Both he and his twin brother Daniel are violinists - and best friends. His twin commented about the cancer diagnosis with a sweet heartfelt Instagram post stating, "I love him more than a brother, he’s a part of me. And we share a connection that is unexplainable. We are ready to fight this together."

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Since publicly announcing the diagnosis a little over a month ago, Morris has received so much support from his family, friends, and followers. His GoFundMe page with a goal of $60,000 has been nearly reached with just over $56,000.

According to the GoFundMe, the donations will be used to sustain the family while he and his wife are forced to take time off to battle this horrible disease. 

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