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You Can Get the Most Magical Stack Of Rainbow Pancakes At This Spot In Florida

Delirio Fresh has fresh, colorful and healthy meals.

If you believe in magic, you will believe that rainbow food does exist. Delirio Fresh has the most protein-packed and the healthiest stack of rainbow pancakes you will ever taste.

These pancakes have been popping up all over social media and are becoming a foodie favorite. So where can you get yours? Delirio Fresh Co. has two locations in Doral, one in Key Biscayne, and another location coming soon to Midtown Doral.

This restaurant serves unique healthy and fresh food. Besides offering a complete healthy menu, the restaurant also offers meal plans such as salad plans, balanced meal menus, low carb meals, and vegan meals. Each meal is packed with nutrient dense power grains, superfoods, healthy fats, high good energy, and good high protein foods. 

The restaurant's menu includes green juices, energy smoothies, protein smoothie bowls, appetizers, gluten-free arepas, wraps, salads, and protein pancakes. But what is brunch if you don't have a stack of rainbow pancakes?

The best part is that these pancakes are homemade, prepared with gluten-free and almond flour, protein and lots of love. This guilt-free breakfast also comes with personalized toppings such as granola, almond butter, chia seeds and topped with Cocowhip - a dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and coconut base whipped cream. 

It will not even feel like a cheat day because these pancakes will bring you happiness no matter what. You can choose from four different pancake flavors such as skinny, Spirulina, Chocofit, or banana pancakes.

If you live in the Doral and Key Biscayne area, you can order food online here. 

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Delirio Fresh is located at 2475 NW 95th Ave #8, Doral, FL 33172. For other locations and areas check here.